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Методичні рекомендації з питань запобігання та вре

TSDAZU received the first copies of printed editions together with the first documentary incomings in April 2008. At present in our library we have books, booklets and periodicals published in Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, America, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, France and others countries in Ukrainian, Czech, German, English and other languages. These are editions about the  history of the Ukrainian statehood, Orthodox church, philosophy, religion, art, politics, economics, bibliography and encyclopaedic editions.

For the years of the archives's existence there were formed four funds, in particular: fund №1 - books and periodicals, that TSDAZU received together with documents of the Prešov collection (413 books and booklets); fund № 2 - books and periodicals  granted by the family of Valentyna and Raisa Kohno from the USA (361 books and 907 copies of periodicals);  fund № 3 - books and periodicals given by the Oleh Olzhych Foundation (4149 books, 1875 magazines, 841 newspaper files); fund № 4 is a general librarian fund, the main source of forming of which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (modern editions of the Ukrainian diaspora).

List of electronic books TsDAZU

List of periodicals of the archival and librarian funds TSDAZU

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