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Collection of documents of political and military figures of emigration in Romania in the interwar period

Documents of the Ukrainian emigration figures: writer and social activist I. Havryliuk, journalist and poet Dmytro Herodot (Ivashyna), writer O. Kobylianska, social and political activist, diplomat , scientist, agronomist K. Matsievych, military and public figure H. Porokhivskyi

1918 - 2007




Collection of ancient books, rare manuscripts of the ХVI- beginning of the ХХ century, collected by the Ukrainian Diaspora in Slovakia

Ukrainian ancient church and rare books, printed in the XVII-XIX centuries, manuscripts and rare books of the XVI- beginning ХХ century, which were printed in Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Austria, handwritten religious books.


beginning of the ХХ century




Nishchemenko Korniy (1893 - unknown), Ukrainian public emigration figure, engineer - economist

Creative materials, correspondence, personal documents of K. Nishchemenko about education, work and social activities and documents deposited in the fonds





Secretar Mykola Lvovych (end of the ХIХ century - 70-ies of XX century), Ukrainian publicist, ethnographer in emigration

Articles of M. Secretar about ucrainica, literature, history, ethnography, memoirs, correspondence, congratulatory poems, poetic greeting, clippings from newspaper





Milenko Mykola (1886 - unknown), Ukrainian theater director, social activist

Personal documents and papers on work and social activities M. Milenko, correspondence with M. Sadovskyi





Artymovych Ahenor (1879-1935), prominent Ukrainian linguist and cultural figure

Creative (scientific) materials, correspondence, material for the biography of A. Artymovych, materials about him





Antonenko Serhiy, prisoner of war in Freistadt (Austria)

Correspondence, photos, personal documents of S.Antonenko, documents about the life and public activities in the camp for prisoners of war in Freistadt





Zakharchenko Mykola, Ukrainian public figure in emigration, engineer-economist

Correspondence, documents about education, work and social activities of M. Zakharchenko, material collected by M.Zaharchenko for his works, materials of family and documents deposited in the fonds





Popel-Sulyma Ivan (1891 - unknown), Ukrainian lawyer and linguist

Correspondence, photos, personal documents, documents about work and social activities and materials deposited in the fonds





Zlenko Petro (1891-1954), Ukrainian bibliographer and public figure in emigration

Materials about biography P. Zlenko, creative materials, reports, correspondence, documents about work and public activities, materials deposited in the fonds

ХХ century




Collection of works of Ukrainian "Shistdesiatnyky" (The Sixtiers) poets gathered by associates in Slovakia

Manuscripts of works by Mykola Vorobyov, Ivan Semenenko, Igor Kalynets, Vasyl Holoborodko, Nadiya Kyryan, Vasyl Ruban, Vasyl Dolzhikov, Valentyna Otroshchenko, Natalia Zamoulko, Mykola Sulima, Mykhailo Sachenko, Svitlana Zholob

60-80-ies of XX century




Collection of documents of Ukrainian emigrant organizations and institutions (first half of the XX century)

Documents of the Ukrainian organizations and institutions operating in emigration in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria (public organizations, scientific associations, societies and institutions, educational institutions, publishers, students and sports organizations, associations, communities).





Collection of documents of figures of science and culture in emigration

Documents of Vasyl Grendzha- Donskyi, Ukrainian writer, public and cultural figure; Bohdan Antonych, Ukrainian poet, translator; Hritsko Hritsai, cultural and public figure, Isaac Mazepa, scientist, public and cultural figure





Collection of bibliographic materials published in Ukraine and abroad (the end of the ХІХ and beginning of the ХХ century)

Book catalogs, brochures, price lists, newsletters and more.

ХІХ -beginning of the ХХ century




Collection of magazines, newspapers and newsletters published in Ukraine and abroad

Magazines, newspapers, newsletters published in Ukraine and abroad by circulation of Ukrainian publishers in emigration

ХІХ -beginning of the ХХ century




Collection of documents about musical and theatrical life gathered by the Ukrainian Diaspora in Slovakia

Lyrics performances, music, advertising, programs of concerts and performances

ХХ century




Collection of Cartographic materials

Geographical and political maps of Ukraine and other countries

ХІХ -beginning of the ХХ century




Collection of deltiological materials gathered by the Ukrainian Diaspora in Slovakia

Post New Year and Easter cards, photocopies of art and portraits of famous figures

ХІХ -beginning of the ХХ century




Statutes, appeals, proclamations of political parties and student organizations on immigration

Statutes, appeals, proclamations of political parties and student organizations

end of the ХІХ -beginning of the ХХcenturies




Society of Supporters of Ukrainian Culture in Curitiba (Brazil)

Records of meetings of the Presidium of the TPUK Central Facilty in Curitiba (Brazil), records of general meetings TPUK department, reports on the work of the Society, records of discussions.





Collection of copies of documents which came to TsDAZU

Correspondence, appeals, position papers of organizations, societies, associations and officials figures of the League of Nations confirming the Great Famine and attempting to inform citizens of different countries of the world community about the famine in Ukraine





Hanna Cherin (Hrybinska Halyna, married name - Pankiv, born 1924), famous Ukrainian poet, writer, public figure (USA)

Cherin Ganna’s documents of creative activity (Hrybinska Galyna, by husband - Pankiv, b. 1924) writer’s poetry collections, typewritten and printed publications on socio-political, social, literary themes; obituaries, memoirs, poems about famous figures of the Ukrainian Diaspora; reviews and responses. Writer’s autobiographical documents, notes, travel notes with sketches of the political and economic situation in Ukraine in 1990-1991 and a bibliography of her works, correspondence with famous Ukrainian cultural and public figures.





Documents of the Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood collected by the family of Valentyn and Rayisa Kochno (USA).

Documents of Arkadii Iaremenko, public and church figure, head of the Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood, editor of the magazine "Tserkva i Zhyttia" (“Church and Life”).





Sukhenko Oleksandr (1918-2000), engineer and public figure (Italy)

Materials about biography of O.Sukhenko, O.Sukhenko family documents, creative materials, correspondence, documents about work and public activities, and the materials deposited in the fonds





Ukrainian Democratic Youth Association (ODYA). Branch in Chicago (USA).

Documents (invitations, programs, handouts etc.) about the cultural and educational events of the Branch of ODYA in Chicago (USA).

1966-2005 1 8

Parish registers of the Presov Region.

Parish registers of the Zemplen county (comitatus) (Slovakia) about birth, marriage and death of the population of Greek-catholic parishes of the Presov Region.

1700-1921 2 6

Collection of documents of social and political organizations of the Ukrainian Diaspora collected by the Oleh Olzhych Foundation (Ukraine).

Documents (protocols, statutes, resolutions, lists of their members, letters, certificates, etc.) on the activities of the Ukrainian Community in Rome and other NGOs 1930-ті 1 4

Ukrainian Department of the International Cultural and Educational Association (UD ICEA)

Organizational and administrative documents of the International Cultural and Educational Association (ICEA): statutes, laws, protocols, extracts from the minutes; documents of the organizational and administrative activities of the Ukrainian Department of the International Cultural Educational Association: statute of UD ICEA, annexes to protocols, orders on core activities, orders on personnel matters, letters, programs about holding events; documents of financial and business activities: payroll registers of UD ICEA, tax reports, reports on the amount of insurance contributions on obligatory state pension insurance, accounts of assessed contributions, transfer and costs, reports on the activities of NGOs. 2001-2011 1 18

Ukrainian Scout Organization Plast outside Ukraine

Documents (programs, scales, lectures, tests, notes etc.) regarding some directions of the activity of Ukrainian scouts in Canada. Documents on the Edition of the Main Plast Bulava (MPB) and on the Conference of Ukrainian Plast Organizations (CUPО), regional Plast organizations of the separate Plast units.
1946- [the second half of ХХ century] 2 71

Collection of documents of figures of the Ukrainian Diaspora collected by the Oleh Olzhych Foundation (Ukraine)

on the stage of scientific and technical processing

Zamulko-Diubushe Natalia (born 1948), poetess, writer

Documents of her creative activity (diary, notebook with creative notes), biographical documents, correspondence, photographs, documents about Zamulko-Diubushe Natalia 1985-2011 1 11

Ukrainian Youth League of North America (UYLNA)

Organizational documents (UYLNA charter of the foundation, a certificate), UYLNA congress documents (records of meetings, memorable congress books of UYLNA), the publishing industry (bulletins, reference books, reproductions of images). 1934-1989 1 20

Ukrainian parliamentary representation in Reichsrat of Austria-Hungary.

Documents about the activities of the Ukrainian deputies of the Austria-Hungary Parliament: interpellations (queries) for 1910-1911, 1918, transcripts of XX and XXII Session of the House of Representatives of the Austria-Hungary Parliament in 1909 and 1917 1909-1918 1 3

Bir Ihor Mykolayovych(1898 - ?), actor, theatrical figure, director.

Biographical documents of Bir I. M., creative documents, correspondence, documents, collected by Bir I. M. and graphic documents 1903-1983 1 22

State Centre of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile

Foundation and regulatory documents of the State Centre of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile (minutes of the first session of the UNR Council, statute of UNR, lists of members, plans of work, reports on the UNR Council’s activities, resolutions etc.), correspondence of the presidents of UNR in exile, documents of the cultural, educational and scientific activities of the Centre. Documents about organizational activities of the Australian Representation of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile and its relations with other organizations. 1925-2006 2 89
36 World Congress of Free Ukrainians (WCFU). Documents of the principal and financial activities of WCFU, documents of organizations and associations that joined WCFU or worked with it, information materials and printed editions of WCFU, documents about life and career of the leader of WCFU Plaviuk M.; documents of known political prisoners, human rights activists. 1948-1994 1 77
37 Ukrainian Liberation Fund (ULF). Documents (statutes, minutes, reports, circulars, etc.) about the ULF activities directed to Ukrainian Canadians’ assistance to Ukrainian Soviet political prisoners and their families, documents about the organization and conduct of special events; cooperation with the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada, PUN, WCFU, UNF, USG etc.; correspondence with prominent figures of Ukrainian Diaspora; documents of financial and economic activities and personnel documents of ULF. 1933-1992 1 113

World Coordination Council of Ideologically Allied Nationalist Organizations (WCC IANO).

Documents about the activities of nationalistic organizations, operating in different countries, their socio-political, cultural and educational work; documents that reveal the role and importance of managerial and executive bodies of WCC IANO; documents of associations that joined WCC IANO; circulars with various information of WCC IANO 1956-1995 1 59

Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (ODWU)

Documents about the activities of social and political organization of Ukrainians in the U.S.: the organizational and management activities, including holding of cultural events, publishing, financial and economic cooperation with other organizations and individuals, documents of fraternal organizations of ODWU. 1933-2000 1 54

Foundation for Research of Life and Work of Colonel Yevhen Konovalets

Documents of the core activities of the Foundation, documents about preparation and carrying out of the death anniversary, conferences on commemoration of the memory of the first chairman of PUN Yevhen Konovalets in Ukrainian communities of the U.S., Canada, Australia, documents about the organization and publication of the book "Yevhen Konovalets and His Era" . 1959-1978 1 21

Seleshko Mykhailo (1901-1980), Ukrainian journalist and public figure

Documents of the creative activity (memoirs, articles, notes, reviews etc.) Documents of the official and social activities of Seleshko M. (messages, appeals, invitations, reports about collaborative activities of OUN, ULF of Canada in Toronto and other public organizations of Canada), correspondence. Documents collected by Seleshko M. D. on the topics which interested him. 1932–1980 1 50

Central Union of Ukrainian Students (CESUS)

Documents (statutes, minutes, reports, communique, circulars, lists of members, etc.) on the activities of the Central Union of Ukrainian Students in the interwar period and in1946-1967 1921-1967 1 22

Ukrainian students’ organizations in Austria

Documents (statutes, minutes, reports, correspondence, etc.) of the Ukrainian Student Association in Austria (USOA), Representation of Ukrainian Student Societies in Austria (PUSTA) and other Ukrainian student organizations, which worked in Austria 1945-1954 1 7

Zhukovsky Arkadii (born 1922), scientific, public and political figure

Biographical documents of Zhukovsky A. I., creative documents, documents about official activities, correspondence, documents, collected by Zhukovsky A.I., graphic documents 1939-1995 1 51

Ukrainian National Unity in France (UNU)

Minutes of meetings of the council of Ukrainian National Unity in France, documents of the 1-10 UNU’s conventions, reports, collective lists of branches, correspondence on organizational issues, application forms of UNU members etc.

Publishing Committee "Zelena Bukovyna"

Documents of the publishing committee (lists of founders, financial reports, lists of contributors, correspondence etc.) on the preparation of publishing the book “Bukovyna: Its Past and Present”. 1952— 1958 1 54

Ukrainian Student Community in Rome

Statute and draft of statutes of the Ukrainian Student Community in Rome , minutes of proceedings of USC in Rome, correspondence with the Central Union of Ukrainian Students, Ukrainian Relief Committee to Refugees in Italy, Representation of Ukrainian Students in Austria and other foreign and Ukrainian organizations and private persons. 1945-1958 1 8

Borshchak Ilko (Barshak Illia, 1892-1959), historian, publicist, literary scholar, diplomat, public figure

Documents of the scientific activity (articles, forewords, rough copies and notes to the scholar works, reviews, texts of lectures, memoirs, diaries); documents to the biography of Borshchak I; documents of the official and social activities; correspondence; documents collected by Borshchak I. (documents of the Union of Ukrainian Citizens in France, Ukrainian Community in France, Association of Ukrainian Workers in France, Community of Ukrainian immigrants in Paris), clippings from Ukrainian and French newspapers etc. 1915-1958 1 114

Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica (TsDAZU)

Documents about the activities of TsDAZU in 2007-2012 2007-2012 1 112

Ukrainian National Federation (UNF, Canada)

Documents of the principal activities of the Marginal Board (MB) of UNF, documents of MB of the UNF and cultural and educational administrative office (CEAO) of cultural and educational activities, correspondence of UNF with organizations and individuals of commercial, institutional, private matters etc., documents of MB of the UNF of Eastern Canada and Fraternal organizations. 1936-1995 2 68

Metropolitan Polikarp (Sikorskyi Petro, 1875-1953), head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Diaspora

Documents of liturgical activities, including archpastoral appeals of Metropolitan Polikarp to believers, correspondence with representatives of the clergy, public and political figures, academics, former soldiers of the UNR Army, student and community organizations, educational institutions. 1949-1953 1 13

Association of Ukrainians Zakerzonnia

Collection of memories of UPA soldiers, military and civilian underground from the territory of Zakerzonnia, recorded by Bohdan Huk in 1989-2000. 1989-2000 1 110

Herasymenko-Volkovynskyy Polycarp Y. (1900-1958), chemist.

Documents about life and scientific activity of Herasymenko- Volkovynskyy P. Y., correspondence, documents of the official and social activities, documents of property and commercial issues. 1924-1959 1 35

United Ukrainian Students' Association “ZAREVO” in USA

Statute of "Zarevo", minutes of meetings of the Provincial Leadership, financial statements of committees, lists of members, application forms. Correspondence of the head of the National Leadership "Zarevo" with organizations and institutions. Documents on press activities of the Provincial Leadership. 1951-1983 1 21

Laschenko Oleg Rostyslavovych (1914-1998), writer, journalist, political figure

Biographical documents of Laschenko O.R., correspondence, articles, reports, texts of speeches, poems, newspaper clippings etc. 1928-1998 1 117

Petro Golubenko ( Shatun Petro Ivanovych, Petro Romen; Dmytro Karamzin, Dmytro Shumenko) (1907 - 1987) literary critic, editor, writer and publicist.

Petro Golubenko's documents of creative activity (books, articles, notes, records, typing of the book "Empire and culture", as well as documents on the book edition). Documents collected by Golubenko P. (articles of M. Khvylovy and D. Dontsov, selection of related articles about their life and activity, articles about VAPLITE activity, clippings from newspapers and magazines regarding socio-political and religious themes). 1921-1986 1 31
57 International of Freedom

Documents of the main activivties of International of Freedom (statute of International of Freedom, protocols, Communique, meeting of the Presidium, memorial of the Presidium, public activities ( ballots, propaganda leaflets).

1946-1949 1 9

Zhuk Andrii Illich (1880-1968), social and political figure, diplomat and journalist

Documents of creative activity of Zhuk A.I. (speeches, notes, articles, card catalog and extracts from periodicals and non-periodicals). Documents of official and political activity of Zhuk A.I. (letters, notes, information on diplomatic trips, documents of Zhuk A.I. as Deputy Chairman of KOZUZ, financial documents, minutes of general meetings).

1914-1965 3 25

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