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The collection of documents of TSDAZU included the documents which are on constant state storage, original and / or copies of such documents, which were in different historical periods taken abroad or created abroad, but reflect the events of history of Ukraine in its current borders, or are a historical and cultural values of foreign Ukrainians, which legally transferred to Ukraine and included to the National Archival Fund (including the collection of archival documents or parts of the archives and library collections, funds/collection of personal origin, historical documents, literary manuscripts, autographs, photos, books-manuscripts, collections, copies documents of diplomatic missions, etc.).

Among the first income of TSDAZU is the collection of documents received from Olga Andrych-Porohivska (Romania) with the assistance Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The collection included letters, postcards and photos (originals and copies) of the life and work of the Head of the Emergency UPR diplomatic mission in Romania Costyantyn Matsievych, the representative of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in Chisinau Pavlo Mamchur, Dmytro Ivashyn-Herodot (in period in Romania in 1918-1944 years), Ilko Havrylyuk (in period in Romania in 1918-1960 years), memories (copies) on the life and work of the Head of committee named after Symon Petlyura in Romania colonel Gnat Porohivskyy during his life in Romania (1921-1944 years), photo (original) Olga Kobylyanska with relatives (1929).

The important event for TSDAZU was incoming in the beginning of April 2008 the collection of documents from Slovakia which described the life and work of the Ukrainian emigration in Czechoslovakia in the interwar and wartime periods. The collection of valuable documents for permanent storage transferred to the archives by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Pryashiv (Slovakia). The important parts of the collection are periodicals (newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters) and books by famous Ukrainian writers, correspondence. Among the incoming documents are correspondence, publications and manuscripts of Ukrainian linguist Agenor Artymovych, the famous Ukrainian bibliographer Petro Zlenko, Ukrainian poets and prose writers Leonid Mosendz, Bogdan Lepkyy, Vasyl Grendzha-Dons`kyy, the actor Mykola Sadovskyy and others. The collection also included manuscripts of Ukrainian prose writers and poets of the Soviet period, in particular Igor Kalynets, Nadiya Kyr'yan, Mykhailo Sachenko, Vasyl Ruban, books of Ukrainian writers with autographs of authors (in particular, Oles Gonchar).

The important to researchers are also various publications in Latin, English, German, Polish, Czech, French, in particular collection of poems by Byron in English, which includes the poem "Mazepa" (Leipzig, 1842); color sketch of the logo of OUN stylized trident, designed by Robert Lisovskyy, maps of Ukraine and other maps issued in Vienna in 1875, photos, posters and postcards of the end of ХIХ and beginning of XX century.

Ukrainian community raised their children`s love to Ukraine, its history and the national idea. This is reflected in numerous journals that published with own money of children's shelters, schools, gymnasiums, created specifically for children of Ukrainian immigrants in Czechoslovakia. In particular, the Slovak collection included children's journal “Our Ukraine” devoted to the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933 years.

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