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Leadership of TSDAZU:

 Director: Maga Irina

Теl.:  +38 (044) 520-05-17

E-Mail:   direktor.tsdazu@arch.gov.ua

  Deputy Director:  Sinchenko Irina

Тel.:  +38 (044) 520-05-17

E-Mail:  deputy_direktor.tsdazu@arch.gov.ua


Deputy Director:  Kazimirova Irina

Тel.:  +38 (044) 520-05-17

E-Mail:   dd_funds_keeper.tsdazu@arch.gov.ua


 National Archival Fund (NAF) formation Department

NAF formation Department provides the NAF formation, in particular acquisition of specialized documents, which are on constant state storage, which were in different historical periods taken abroad or created abroad, but reflect the events of history of Ukraine in its current borders, or are historical and cultural values of foreign Ukrainians, which legally transferred to Ukraine.

 Head of Department: Dmytro Reshetchenko 

Теl.:  +38 (044) 248-91-25

E-Mail:   vfnaf_tsdazu@arch.gov.ua



Department of security of safety 

The main tasks of the department of safety and registration documents are: taking public documents for permanent storage, managing the deployment of their archives and providing storage conditions, funding and organization of accounting documents, ensure compliance and control use of documents, checking the availability and physical condition of documents, preparation and uploading them to the restoration, disinsection, disinfection, preventive treatment and setting; searching for missing documents, organization of creating and preparing documents to microfilms, creating, storing and using help system and records, organization works to prepare books (guides, indexes, review, directory); development normative-methodology documents for ensuring the safety of documents.


Head of Department: Lubov Penzhuliak

Теl.:  +38 (044) 248-91-26

E-Mail:   vvid_tsdazu@arch.gov.ua



Department of documentary information

The Department has been studying the documents preserved in archives, public information about the content TSDAZU funds, identifying documents revealing pointed theme, provision of NAF documents for use to researchers, use archival documents in exhibitions, publications.

Employees of Department involved in international and interregional conferences, round tables, seminars on archives, researching the history of the Ukrainian diaspora and other issues with the archive profile.

One of the main areas of the Department work is the search for “foreign Ucrainica” in the documents of history of Ukraine and Ukrainian people, which are stored abroad. Archival employees make searching among the archival documents of Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Russia and maintain a register of foreign Ucrainica to inform researchers about the most interesting documents of Ukrainian history stored in the archives of other countries.

Employees of Department prepared a guide “Archival Ucrainica in Belarus”, which should soon get published. Detection of foreign Ucrainicam will allow researchers of the nation's history to enter into practice little known and unexplored archival documents and will facilitate the opening of previously unknown facts from the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian emigration.

The Department is engaged in exhibition activity. According to documents from the TSDAZU funds organized presentation of new receipts, documentaries and documentary-book exhibitions, which materials were published online at the web-portal of the State Committee of Archives of Ukraine, exhibited at the TSDAZU building, at the main building of the Central State Archives of Ukraine, at the Kyiv City Teacher's House. The information about the online exhibition which already held can be found in the section “Documentary exhibitions on-line” on our web-portal and web-portal of the State Committee, about stationary exhibitions in the section “News”, about the planned in the section “Announcements”.

Department of documentary information organize digitizing of archival documents, rare periodicals and other documents, which physical condition does not allow permanent use them in the reading-room, exhibitions, etc.


Head of Department: Galina Gorbunova

Теl.:  +38 (044) 248-91-26

E-Mail:   vvid_tsdazu@arch.gov.ua



Financial - Economic Sector

Main tasks of Sector are: ensuring the efficient and economical use of budget allocations, material and labor resources; developments of salaries schemes and systems for employees TSDAZU based on current legislation; organization, accounting and reporting of TSDAZU; development of budget requests for submission of TSDAZU to the State Committee of Archives of Ukraine in the terms and procedures that it established; overseeing the timely and proper execution of financial and economic documents and legality of transactions; control of obligations of the presence and movement of property; the use of material and financial resources in accordance with approved budgets; the organization of accounting under current regulations; the realization of the common state personnel policy; the economic analysis of financial-economic activity in order to identify provisions to prevent expenditure.


Head of Sector: Olena Stadnyk

Теl.:  +38 (044) 278-33-45

E-Mail:   fevrz_tsdazu@arch.gov.ua



Organization-personnel work and registration documents Sector

The main tasks of organizational-personnel work Sector are: to implement government policy in the civil service and on personnel in the archives; meet the need for qualified personnel and their effective use; forecasting staff development, encouraging employees to career development, ensuring their continuing education; documenting the civil service and labor relations, organization of training, retraining and qualification.



Теl.:  +38 (044) 520-05-17

E-Mail:   tsdazu@arch.gov.ua

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