Central State Archive of Foreign Archival Ucrainica

Верховна Рада України
Президент України
Кабінет Міністрів України
Державна архівна служба України
Міністерство Закордонних Справ
Головне управління державної служби України
Український інститут по проектуванню засобів та споруд звязку
Методичні рекомендації з питань запобігання та вре
In order to implement the rights and freedoms, to guarantee conditions and forms of realization of a discourse with the participation of the public, timely amendment of activity and solution of questions that are of the archives competence, TsDAZU created such advisory bodies as the Board, Expert Verifying Commission, Scientific-Methodical Board and Public Board. These advisory bodies were formed with the help of the archives workers, leading scientists and public figures. These advisory bodies are called for rendering assistance to the archives direction in making an examination of value of documents and consideration of other questions related to the National Archival Fund forming, also questions concerning performing of scientific, research, methodical and publishing activity in the field of the archival administration and office work.

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