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Верховна Рада України
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Кабінет Міністрів України
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Міністерство Закордонних Справ
Головне управління державної служби України
Український інститут по проектуванню засобів та споруд звязку
Методичні рекомендації з питань запобігання та вре
History of creation
The Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica (TSDAZU) was created according to decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 279 on May 12, 2007 "The creation of the Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine and the Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica". TSDAZU was created as coordination center for working with archival documents of Foreign Ucrainica, which are stored in other state departments of archives and archival organizations and associations, other legal persons of Ukraine, as well as citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons.
Our Mission
The main objective of international activities of TSDAZU is the activities of the replenishment the National Archival Fund with documents belonging to the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian nation and which are abroad
Main Activities

Workers of the archives take part in forming the National Archival Fund, arrangement and preservation, creating the reference apparatus for registration documents of TSDAZU which are stored in the foreign and Ukrainian institutions, intensive use of documentary information in research and educational activities and others. These and other directions of the archives activities not only allow to make additions to the documentation and creating a complete picture of the development of Ukrainian nation, but also promote revitalization for international cooperation.

One of the first results of international cooperation was signed agreement on cooperation in processing documents well-known poet and translator M. Ushakov between TSDAZU and the State Literary and Memorial Museum-Park M. Nekrasov "Karabyha" (village Karabyha,   Yaroslavskyy region).

TSDAZU closely cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, with State Service of Control on movement of cultural values across the state border of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine; participate in the events of international Ukrainian organizations. In particular, the Ukrainian community was informed about the activities of TSDAZU during the International Congress “The Diaspora as a factor in establishing the state of Ukraine in the international community” (June 2008, Lviv) and the IX World Congress (August 2008, Kiev).

TSDAZU together with Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Culture and Spirituality and the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine the MFA of Ukraine took part in organizing the round table “The Return of Cultural Property to Ukraine” (February 11, 2009).

The documents are used by archives in articles, radio and television, in thematic exhibitions, during lectures for schoolchildren and students, on academic and press conferences, round tables and other arrangements.

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