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Tuesday, 11 November 2014 11:01

Slavynsky V. Y., director of the Ukrainian Center of Humanitarian Information (UCHI) “Svitogliad” transferred to the archive documents of the artist Vasyl Tsybulsky and his family.

Vasyl Tsybulsky (1904–1992) – known Ukrainian artist in Australia. He was born in Poltava. In 1929 he graduated from the Kharkov Art Institute, and since 1931 he studied at the Leningrad Academy of Arts. At that time Vasyl Tsybulsky painted decorations in different cities of Ukraine for theaters, performed private orders and participated in competitions. In 1943 he emigrated to Germany. In 1949 he came to Australia, and settled in Melbourne. He painted in a realistic style. He finished portraits of many figures in Ukrainian history and culture, as well as Ukrainian leaders in Australia. Tsybulsky arranged solo exhibitions. For the Ukrainian community he produced a number of stage decorations, theatrical sceneries, painted iconostasis in the Ukrainian Orthodox Churches. He was a chairman of the Melbourne section of the Ukrainian Artists Society of Australia.


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